What ist Ausbildung in Germany?

ausbildung germanyIf you are interested in education in Germany, you may have come across the mysterious word "Ausbildung" (dt. Ausbildung) in this context, which is not so easy to explain. This term has a double meaning.

On the one hand, the German word Ausbildung means education in general, and on the other hand, a special form of education that can be approximately compared to education, which can be obtained by a person in vocational schools and colleges. This is the second meaning of the term Ausbildung (dt. Ausbildung) in this article and will be discussed.

Ausbildung (dt. Ausbildung) is a very popular form of education in Germany, which allows you to not only become a good skilled worker or craftsman, but also a skilled lower and middle manager. This form of education is good because it allows not only to obtain theoretical professional knowledge for 2-4 years, but also immediately work in the company by profession and receive a salary for it, in contrast to university studies. Therefore, this form of education is very popular in Germany.

It is very difficult for foreigners to get a place in an educational institution that offers Ausbuilding, because there is a lot of competition for this form of education and there are not many vacancies left for foreigners. However, if you set yourself the goal of getting Ausbildung (dt. Ausbildung) in Germany. it is possible.

Students studying in this form of education receive an average salary of 500 to 700 euros per month, depending on the specialty and the company where you are doing the practical part of Ausbildung (dt. Ausbildung). But there are specialties that are very much needed in Germany, where there is a large shortage of qualified personnel, where the salary for those who do Ausbildung (dt. Ausbildung) is 1050 - 1200 euros per month. These are, for example, such specialties as: storekeeper, food technologist, butcher, mechatronics, etc.

Therefore, if you are interested in a promising specialty in Germany, you should pay attention to this form of education in Germany.