Life in Austria

life austriaLife in Austria for a foreign student is not very expensive by European standards, but it is still more expensive than, for example, in Germany.

On average, a foreign student will need about 950 euros per month to live in Austria while studying at an Austrian university. This amount includes accommodation in a dormitory, health insurance, food and various small things that a student needs to study at an Austrian university, such as: books, library subscriptions, various study aids, etc. 

For comparison, the average foreign student in Germany spends 250 euros less per month than in Austria. 

On the other hand, the size of the average monthly expenses of a foreign student varies depending on the place of study. In a small Austrian town, living expenses can be less than 950 euros per month, and for example, in the capital of Austria - Vienna, they will be even more than 950 euros per month. 

Part of the €950 you will need to live in Austria while studying at an Austrian university can be worked off as foreign students are entitled to part-time employment. But the hope that you can earn 950 euros per month while studying at an Austrian university is not entirely realistic. Because there are no such high-paying jobs for students in Austria, except for representatives of IT specialties.