Internship for students in Switzerland

internship switzerlandSwitzerland is a country where things are always a bit more complicated than in the EU countries, because Switzerland is not a member of the EU. The same applies to practice and internships for students.

If you are already studying at one of the Swiss higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, then getting an internship or internship in one of the Swiss companies is not a problem. To do this, you only need to find a suitable internship or practice for your specialty and submit the necessary documents for consideration to the company that offers the internship or practive.

Here are a couple of Internet portals for finding internships or practive for students in Switzerland:

 If you are outside of Switzerland and want to get an internship in Switzerland from abroad, then this is not easy to do. It all depends on where you study. If you study at a university or receive a secondary specialized education in the European Union, then it is not difficult to get into practice. To do this, you need to find a place of practice or internship in Switzerland. After the company approves your candidacy for an internship, you need to contact the organization for foreigners of the canton in Switzerland where you are going to do your practice or internship and find out what documents are required from you in order to issue you a work permit for practive or internships.

If you are studying at a university outside the EU, but you would like to get a practive or an internship in Switzerland, then this is quite difficult to do, because Switzerland is reluctant in this case to give work permits to foreign students, even if they are for practice or an internship. But, if you manage to get a practice or internship in one of the following top companies in Switzerland, then you will have the opportunity to obtain permission for a practice or internship in Switzerland from the relevant authorities for foreigners in Switzerland.

Here is a list of top ten Swiss companies where it is very prestigious to do a practice or an internship: (Following the link you will find out the conditions of practice for students in each of these enterprises)

1. Nestlé

2. Roche Holding

3. Novartis

4. Zurich Insurance Group

5.. UBS

6.  Chubb

7.  Credit Suisse Group

8.  ABB

9.  LafargeHolcim

10.  Swiss Life Holding

As for the payment for a practice or an internship in Switzerland for students, it is very well paid. On average, a student receives 2,000 Swiss francs for a month of practice or internship in Switzerland.