Life in Switzerland

life switzerland Life in Switzerland is very peculiar. Firstly, the peculiarity of life in Switzerland is different in that Switzerland is not a unitary country, but is divided into four different parts. These parts differ from each other not only by the need to speak four different languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh, but also by different traditions and different ways of life, depending on which part of Switzerland you live in.

The most developed and richest part of Switzerland is the German part. In the French part, life is no longer so fast, but in the Italian part, life is very calm and measured, good for relaxing in it, but not very developed in terms of business to work in it. As for the part of Switzerland where Romansh is spoken (this is modern Latin), it is concentrated in the canton of Graubünden and is not very distinctive. Small towns and many mountain villages are located in this canton, and it is precisely for this reason that life in this part is very quiet and measured. 

Life in Switzerland is generally very beautiful and rich in nature. Here you can enjoy mountains, lakes and beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the mountaines, as well as constantly go on interesting hikes in nature. If you are a big nature lover, then this country will suit you very well. 

The Swiss are closed people who, on the one hand, are very tolerant to others, but on the other hand, they are quite closed, as they are concentrated on their own problems. In Switzerland, the epicenter of life is work, because life in Switzerland is expensive even by European standards, and only a good job with a decent salary can give you and your family a decent standard of living.

Despite the high standard of living in Switzerland, the Swiss love a simple and comfortable life. In Switzerland, it is not customary to boast of one's wealth, and to flaunt it. One of the possible manifestations of this trend is the preference for simple and comfortable clothes over beautiful and expensive ones. It is important for the Swiss that they feel comfortable, and what those around them think about them is not important. 

As for salaries in Switzerland, it must be said that salaries in Switzerland are among the highest in Europe, but on the other hand, prices and taxes in Switzerland are also among the highest in Europe. Therefore, if you are planning to live or study in Switzerland, then you need to weigh the pros and cons. Perhaps life in neighboring Austria or Germany will be more acceptable for you, in terms of prices and taxes.

And another important fact that is important to mention in the context of the peculiarities of life in Switzerland is the desire of the Swiss to constantly comply with the laws of their country and make sure that those around them strive for this. 

In short, if you strive for a comfortable, well-balanced and well-fed life, then Switzerland is the country for you.