Learning German

learning germanHow quickly and effectively learn German once and for all

There are now many German language courses in any country. Many of them offer a variety of innovative methods of learning German and assure you that in six months you will be fluent in German. But, many of you, having attended such courses, still do not get the desired result. Why is this happening?

I have always been interested in the question of how people who know 5-10 languages ​​learn foreign languages. How are these people different from you and me? What kind of additional abilities help them to learn a new foreign language and communicate free in it in a short time?

When I decided to study in Germany, I needed to learn German quickly and efficiently from the beginning during the year. Before that, I had studied English all my life and had nothing to do with German. The goal was set and I actively took up the cause. Due to lack of money, I could not afford expensive and prestigious language courses and therefore found an inexpensive private tutor. I must say that I quickly realized that with my tutor at the pace he suggested, I will study German for the next 5-6 years and it is unknown whether I will study! So I decided to do it by myself.


Rule number one: Precise goal setting, for example: "I want to be fluent in German and write in 1 year.".


Rule number two: Great desire and motivation to learn German. For example: "I want to go to university in Germany or I want to find a job in Germany.".

Rule three: Patience and endurance. It is necessary to devote at least half an hour every day of the year to the study of the German language. To ensure that the language process is not monotonous, you need to do something different in German every day (if possible, learn grammar, read, listen, watch movies, learn words, learn idioms, communicate in this language, etc.).


Following these simple rules, I studied German for a year according to my own methods and achieved an amazing result. Exactly one year after starting to study German from the beginning, I studied it so well that I passed the German exam and entered a university in Germany.

I spent 5 years of my life studying different methods of teaching German to foreigners at the Faculty of German Philology in Germany. I collected the best of the existing developments in this field and tried to improve my own methodology. In addition, I worked on language courses in Germany and had the opportunity to get acquainted with modern methods of teaching German, which are currently relevant in Germany. 

Having collected all the best, reworked and improved it, I have developed my own method of fast and effective learning of German, which I want to offer you. 

And now I would like to offer it to you.


Five reasons why you should try this:


If you want to study, live, work in Germany, but do not speak German or speak, but not enough, my method is the shortest way to master German in the shortest possible time.


    • You will save money, time and get the highest quality teaching of German, based on German standards.


    • The technique I offer you is interesting, exciting and turns the process of learning a language into an exciting adventure. 


    • You will have the opportunity to communicate with a teacher who has a variety of modern German language techniques that are popular in Europe.


    • Крім того, ви отримаєте масу цікавої та корисної інформації про життя в Німеччині від людини, яка безпосередньо навчалась, живе і працює у Німеччині.