PhD with a possibility of a scholarship in Germany

At the Justus-Liebig University of Gießen you can find a very interesting PhD Program for the international PhD students. This PhD program lasts 3 years and proposes for the international students to participate in different researches in cultural studies. 

Not only a participation in particular research projects could be interesting at this program for the PhD students, but also the possibility to get new qualifications in the field of cultural studies. The classes for students at PhD program ‘Literary and Cultural Studies’ are taught by leading scientists of University of Gießen and they obtain also a possibility to take part in different scientific conferences and summer camps. The program proposes intensive tuition and individual counseling throughout the postgraduate period and help with scholarship applications; The program 'Literary and Cultural Studies' prepared specifically for foreign participants German language classes.

The PhD students of program 'Literary and Cultural Studies' at the University of Gießen should use two languages: English (75%) and German (25%). During each semester, various social and cultural events are organized for participants of the program. The collaboration with leading international graduate schools and with European doctoral and research networks ensures the integration of doctoral students into the national and international academic community. International students also benefit from close collaboration with the Justus Liebig University's International Center for Cultural Studies, which has opened part of its curriculum to members of PhD program 'Literary and Cultural Studies'.

The collaboration with leading international graduate schools and with European doctoral and research networks provides the integration of the PhD students into the German und international scientific and academic circles. The PhD program 'Literary and Cultural Studies' cooperates with the Justus Liebig University’s International Center and it could be very useful for the PhD students of the program. The PhD program 'Literary and Cultural Studies' is free of charge and it is also possible to get a graduate scholarship of the Justus Liebig University for this program.   

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