Interesting opportunity for international postgraduate students in Germany

The International Graduate Centre (GCSC) at University of Gießen offers international postraduate students interersting opportunities for postgeraduate studying and financing their projects.

The International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) at Justus Liebig University of Gießen (JLU), is one of very few graduate schools granted funding in the German government's Excellence Initiative. The centre is committed to providing opti­mum conditions for PhD candidates focuss­ing an the study of culture. Our research training strategy encompasses a specifi­cally designed postgraduate curriculum, international Master's classes and summer schools, a teaching centre, as well as independent research groups and an inten­sive supervision and mentoring programme, providing conference experience, publish­ing opportunities and excellent career services. The centre has established a fel­lowship programme to provide outstanding doctoral candidates with financial support to cover living expenses and research trip costs.

The GCSC's academic programme is ground­ed in six principles.

The centre fosters

  • interdisciplinary cooperation;
  • methodo­logical pluralism;
  • vanguard engagement in eight research areas focussing an the study of culture:
  • new Europea-wide initia­tives ensuring an international orientation:
  • an innovative, interactive research training strategy and:
  • dedication to self­reflexive academic teaching.

If you are interested in this information you can read more about this here - GCSC